Kyle Henderson
Registered Physiotherapist

Kyle received his Bachelor of Kinesiology degree at Memorial University in 2020 with completion of both the Honours and Co-op programs. Throughout his learnings in Kinesiology, he continued to grow his passion about learning how the body works and how to optimize movement. During his work terms in his undergraduate degree, he worked in physiotherapy clinics only to reassure his drive to become a Physiotherapist.

Following Kyle’s completion of his Kinesiology degree, he went straight to Dalhousie University to complete his Masters of Science in Physiotherapy in 2022. There, he gained experience with a variety of patient populations in different settings including hospital neurotherapeutics, acute care, hospital orthopaedics, and private practice orthopaedics.

Kyle has a strong passion for exercise and is excited to share his active movement-based approach to patients to meet individuals’ rehabilitation goals and promote a healthy lifestyle. Kyle wants you leaving the clinic with a better understanding of optimizing your movement, posture, and mainly becoming pain free.

With a history of playing sports including track and field, volleyball, ultimate frisbee, and more – powerlifting was Kyle’s favourite. If you see him around its likely that he is either sipping coffee at a local café, training at the gym, or enjoying the outdoors on our east coast trails.