Ann Marie Lane
Registered Physiotherapist, Certified Yoga Instructor

I didn’t choose the profession of Physiotherapy as much as it chose me. As a little girl, I remember watching a younger girl getting on the elevator with Lofstrand crutches, her legs swinging between the crutches with no muscular control.
She looked directly at me and smiled.  The impact of that encounter resulted in a personal vow, to chose work that assists people with movement challenges.

My 40 year career in Physiotherapy has given me the opportunity to work in far reaching lands and cultures as diverse as the Sudan, South Africa, Haiti, Saudi Arabia and New Zealand. I’ve been the senior Physiotherapist in burn units, ICU, neurology, orthopaedics, and specialized in many manual therapy courses.  After years of travel and visiting and working in over 50 countries, I settled in Newfoundland in the eighties.

One of my fondest professional achievements is the creation of Villa Nova Physiotherapy Clinic, in 1991.  Over the years of continued practice, learning, and studying, I continue to be aware of the importance of being able to move our bodies with comfort and ease, regardless of injury, illness, athletic goals, or age.

Along with a traditional Physiotherapeutic approach, I borrow from other movement practises like yoga, to help expand spatial awareness, and fluidity of movement. I also teach anatomy and weave this knowledge into education and understanding with my patients and students.

It is a true privilege to be able to help people move and feel better, and I’m forever grateful for that little girl who lit up my path so many years ago!