Tracy Kearley Clinic Aid

Tracy Kearley
(Clinic Aid)

Tracy is our Clinic Aid here at Villa Nova Physio. Tracy is a vibrant, energetic woman who keeps things on schedule at the clinic.  She lives in the beautiful community of Conception Bay South with her husband and their two children and grew up close by in St. Philips. Tracy started her career in the beauty industry as a salon manager. Then she started her family and raised them along with a home based daycare so that she could spend more time with her children.  As her children grew up she decided to get
her real estate license, where she was very successful. 

A year ago she wanted a change in a more stable industry and joined the Leaside Group at Riverside Therapeutics in St. John’s, where she worked closely with our physiotherapist.  In August Tracy made the decision to join the Villa Nova team as their lead clinic aid and is very much enjoying keeping the schedule going for the clients,  our massage therapist and physiotherapists.

In her spare time Tracy enjoys being active, hiking, walking, biking and kick starts her day with a early morning workout. She is also seen in the evening and weekends running around with her children to baseball, dance, soccer, and peek performance amongst other activities. We are so happy to have Tracy at our C.B.S location.