Helle Eggen Stjern
BSc. Kinesiology

Kinesiologist Personal Trainer CBS

Helle Eggen Stjern

Graduating with a BSc. Kinesiology from Memorial University (2019), Helle is an asset to the Villa Nova team with her expert knowledge in the scientific study of human movement.

She is very passionate about applying the principles of movement, science and exercise to support rehabilitation, improve function, treat illness, and promote health and wellbeing.  Her warm, compassionate and personalized approach, provides a positive and safe environment that has attracted a dedicated clientele of various physical abilities and needs.

Helle assesses clients using a number of complex factors such as:

anatomical, physiological, neurological, biochemical, biomechanical, neuromotor, and psychological. This approach allows for a more complete and collaborative strategy to clients’ health and wellness journey. Helle’s infectious enthusiasm, dedication and interpersonal skills make her an excellent addition to our multidisciplinary team.

Originally from Norway, Helle moved to Newfoundland in 2014 after her serving her country as an infantry-woman in the Norwegian Army. She has a strong athletic background in soccer, cross-country skiing as well as biathlon. In her free time she enjoys being active outdoors either hiking, skiing, or her newest passion of sailing.